Extensive Reconstruction of Signalling Equipment at Brno near Its End

Next Sunday already, all trains which had to be diverted to other railway stations due to several constructions of Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) in the South Moravian capital will return to Brno Main Station. The most important investment was a reconstruction of signalling equipment; besides that, two historical bridges and a part of the station trackage with more than twenty switch points were reconstructed. All of this for a price exceeding CZK 2 billion. Co-financing is assured by the European Union under the Operational programme Transport 2014–2020.

At Brno Main Station, electronic signalling equipment Category 3 was built and connected to a so-called single service workplace. Its technological equipment is situated in a new building near Platform No 6 which the station dispatcher will control traffic from. Modern safety equipment was installed also in connecting line sections.

Since the beginning of the new timetable with a validity start from 15 December, up to 620 trains will ride daily through this highly frequented station. From these, 430 will be regular and through trains which will be completed by 190 long-distance trains. It is another addition to an already high number of train-sets having run through the main station before the reconstruction launch Modern signalling equipment will help station dispatchers to cope with operation which is extremely intense especially during morning and afternoon peaks“, explains Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC and adds: ”During peak times, the station capacity is practically exhausted. Although we are starting to use modern signalling technology, we must respect parameters of the station which cannot be extended in any way“. 

During some periods of the day, SŽDC cannot satisfy requirements of ordering entities for adding more trains. Already now, a single delayed train can cause a disruption of the running rhythm on more routes. Similarly to the main station in Prague, two trains at a time can be positioned on a single track.  

During additional meetings about the timetable, SŽDC strived to find a reasonable compromise with transport ordering entities and carriers and pointed out that in case of train delays, a very complicated transport situation may occur at Brno Main station for technological reasons. However, the other side did not accept these remarks and required for these situations to be dealt with operatively“, adds Mr. Miroslav Jasenčák, Deputy Director General of SŽDC for Traffic Control.

Reconstruction of signalling equipment, bridges and tracks
The first reconstruction launched in the South Moravian capital concerned listed bridges over Hybešova and Křídlovická Street. SŽDC started works on bridging two heavily-used road communications in the centre of Brno in summer 2018 already. These included both a renovation of their steel construction and their substructure including an exchange of damaged construction components. Dewatering and anti-corrosion protection was renewed as well. Total costs of both investments exceed a sum of CZK 340 million

Construction of new signalling equipment at the main station included a reconstruction of tracks and switch points at the track development in direction to Horní Heršpice. Besides that, works under signal box No 5 were under way, consisting in an exchange of 22 switch point works which acquired moreover electrical heating. 1,400 metres of tracks were reconstructed in total in the station part connected to Platforms No 1 – 4 on the Břeclav side.

From other planned constructions of SŽDC at Brno hlavní nádraží, we can mention repairs of Platforms No 5 and 6 which were in operation during the whole reconstruction being completed just now. The necessary works will be carried out in 2021.


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