SŽDC Opens a Tender for an Underpass Extension at Prague Main Station

In the days to come, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) will open a public tender for an underpass extension at Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station). The tender also includes building a connection for passengers leading to the buildings of the adjoining commercial centre with another connection to Winston Churchill Square. Works should be launched next May and completed in August 2021. The public tender’s estimated value equals CZK 142 million.

The project also deals with building escalators and a lift at the exit from the extended northern underpass where an information and orientation system should be set up as well. Works will include necessary relocations of tracks, the current cable collector, water ducts and sewer modifications.

The supplier will also carry out related adaptations of the catenary and complete the road and surface for pedestrians at the underpass exit. Besides that, fences and outer lighting along a part of the modified area road will be built.

The original tender for a construction supplier published this June exceeded the estimated order value considerably. That is why SŽDC divided the tender into three separate parts.

As far as the connecting construction part is concerned, the information and orientation system at the whole station will be replaced in the years to come as well as a reconstruction of Platforms No 5 - 7 including added escalators. Ceilings in all three underpasses will be exchanged and unified with the extended northern underpass.


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