Trains Returned to Repaired Line Železný Brod – Tanvald

Repairs on the line Železný Brod - Tanvald were going on since the beginning of September. Besides works on the railway superstructure and substructure, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) carried out also repairs of the platforms at Velké Hamry Station and at three more stops. The total value of works amounts to CZK 409 million.

A continuous closure between Železný Brod and Tanvald took place from 2 September up to 30 November. During the closure, rails were continuously exchanged as well as wooden sleepers which were replaced by steel ones in a Y shape. After these repairs, the whole line section has a continuous welded rail which allows more comfortable travelling by train.

The project also included repairs of seven bridges, the same number of culverts and one embankment wall. Repairs of crossing constructions were also carried out at six level crossings including the railway substructure. Besides that, the dewatering system was renewed. As a positive factor for passengers, we can name adapted platforms at Velké Hamry Station and at stops Spálov, Jesenný and Návarov. 

After the construction’s completion next June, line speed will increase for some type of vehicles up to 75 kph. It increased in part already on 1 December in connection with testing operation launch. This was allowed i.a. by signalling equipment adaptations.

The works’ supplier in the section 15.95 km long was the company Společnost ŽeBroTa, consisting of firms HROCHOSTROJ a.s., Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s., GJW Praha spol. s r. o., N+N Konstrukce a dopravní stavby Litoměřice, s.r.o. and Prodin a.s.


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