Správa železnic and DB Netz AG Concluded an Agreement on Common Preparation of the New Line Dresden – Prague

At the end of last year, Správa železnic, státní organizace, DB Netz AG and DB Energie GmbH concluded an agreement on cooperation in the field of project preparation for the construction of the New railway service Dresden – Prague. Cooperation will focus on the cross-border section Dresden – Ústí nad Labem with the foothill Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) tunnel as its key part.

The infrastructure managers thus agreed not only upon common tendering, costs’ payment or the project management organizational structure but also on the mode of communication and key technical parameters.

The contract signature is a culmination of intense work during last year when both parties were searching for optimal modes of balanced cooperation which would correspond to specifics of Czech and German law at the same time“, said Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of Správa železnic.

The need for implementation of this new railway service results from growing demand both in passenger and in freight transport. The new line is a part of the Trans-European transport network TEN-T, more specifically the Eastern-Mediterranean Corridor which connects the North and Baltic Sea with the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The construction will also connect the Czech Republic to the network of high-speed lines in Western Europe.

Based on the concluded agreement, public tenders will be ordered and implemented in the years to come for project pre-planning of a common planning space which includes the tunnel as such as well adjoining pre-portal sections; besides that, it includes mutual coordination of procedure for the Dresden – Ústí nad Labem section preparation. The common tendering mode was presented by the companies on 15 January 2020 during a preliminary market consultation.

The concluded agreement will be followed in the future by an international agreement between both countries dealing with construction and operation of the cross-border line section. Its preparation already started with the participation of Správa železnic and DB Netz AG.

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