Správa železnic launches GIS portal for HSL section Velká Bíteš – Brno

As part of intensified communication with the public, Správa železnic has launched a geographic information system (GIS) for the section Velká Bíteš – Brno, which clearly shows the expected route of the high-speed line embedded in map documents. Visitors to the GIS portal can use a simple system to ask questions or make comments directly about places of interest. Subsequent answers will be sent directly to the portal by experts from Správa železnic.

The GIS portal for the section VRT Vysočina fáze I (HSL Highlands Phase I) has been accessible to the public since the beginning of this year. Interested parties can find the link on the website of Správa železnic in the section of VRT Vysočina fáze I. The portal offers users to view different types of background maps – for example base, cadastral or noise maps. This will allow people to distinguish features such as roads, bridges, tunnels and more. The maps will also show whether the planned line is located in a cut or on an embankment.

Direct link to the GIS portal: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/0eff8368d2824881a25af63640537d6f/

The Správa železnic's website already provides online access to GIS portals for sections VRT Jižní Morava (HSL South Moravia), VRT Moravská brána I (HSL Moravian Gate I), VRT Moravská brána II (HSL Moravian Gate II) a VRT Polabí (HSL Elbe Flatlands). They will gradually be created for all planned sections of high-speed lines.


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