Information on the privatization of property

Information on the privatization of property pursuant to Act No. 92/1991 Coll., on the Conditions of Transfer of State Property to Other Persons

Pursuant to provisions of § 38a, Article 3, Act No. 77/2002 Coll., as amended, Správa železnic shall be obliged to privatize certain assets listed in Annex of the mentioned act by the mean governed by Act No. 92/1991 Coll., on a so called large scale voucher privatization, as amended.*)

(Consolidated text of Act No. 77/2002 Coll., including Annex can be found at – cf. bookmark of Legislation).

The privatization as such is distributed within the assets referred to in Annex of Act No. 77/2002 Coll.:

  1. Under Item No. 3 Residential properties approved for privatization
  2. Under Item No. 2.d) to 2.ccc) Properties and lands

Ad 1.) The privatization of residential properties, i.e. the residential fund of the former state organization České dráhy, was completed with the exception of certain lands, where the privatization is being completed either by direct sales method to an acquirer designated in advance (if the unification of ownership and alike cases are involved only), or by mean of a public commercial tender issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Ad 2.) Up to 30 September 2017, the privatization of the following assets remains to be completed:

Item in Annex of Act No. 77/2002 Coll. Name
2.p) Drahstav Bohumín, Mechanizační středisko a stavební oddíl Bohumín
2. rr) Železniční poliklinika Brno (Brno Railway Health Care Centre), uncompleted construction in the Štýřice Cadastral Office
2.xx) Traťová distance Kladno (Kladno Track Distance), Kladno Handling Zone
2.yy) Traťová distance (Track distance) Kralupy nad Vltavou, part of the Vraňany Bridge Zone
2. ccc) SRUZ Olomouc, lands in the Povel Cadastral Office

In case of query on the privatization, please, contact Ms. Svatoslava Lokvencová (Telephone: +420 972 235 680, Email: ), or Ms. Alena Černá (Telephone: +420 972 235 462, Email:

*) particularly Act No. 178/2005 Coll., on dissolution of the National Property Fund and the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance in the property privatization of the Czech Republic; Decree No. 491/2005 Coll., on procedures for the preparation of a privatization project and the outline regulating individual parts of a privatization project; Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 565/2006, on the principles of procedures for the completion of privatization according to the Act No. 92/1991 Coll. and 178/2005 Coll. and on the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance in the property privatization of the Czech Republic as amended.