Press releases

The Year 2020 Will Present a High Pace for Správa železnic in Reconstructing Lines, Station Buildings and HSL Preparation
This year, Správa železnic accelerates preparation of dozens of investments. More dozens of projects will enter their implementation phase. The high-speed lines’ pilot sections project and station buildings’ reconstruction keep going intensely as well. More specific diagnostics and static assessment of railway bridges will be completed. Safety at railway crossings is also one of our priorities.
Správa železnic successfully continued Modernizing its Railway Network and Buildings Last Year
Almost 92 km of modernized lines put into operation, modernizations’ and reconstructions’ launch and continuation, further steps in preparing HSL pilot sections or record-breaking sums spent for reconstructions and repairs of station buildings with emphasis on barrier-free access. This is only a short enumeration of activities carried out by Správa železnic in the last year. In 2019, our organization invested by CZK 600 million more than in 2018. A sum of almost CZK 20 billion was invested only into railway infrastructure modernization (more specifically CZK 19.605 billion).
Správa železnic and DB Netz AG Concluded an Agreement on Common Preparation of the New Line Dresden – Prague
At the end of last year, Správa železnic, státní organizace, DB Netz AG and DB Energie GmbH concluded an agreement on cooperation in the field of project preparation for the construction of the New railway service Dresden – Prague. Cooperation will focus on the cross-border section Dresden – Ústí nad Labem with the foothill Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) tunnel as its key part.
Preparations for New Railway Service Dresden – Prague Continue
Yesterday, representatives of Správa železnic took part in a meeting of the working group of Ministries of Transport of the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany in Dresden. The group moved forward in preparation of an international agreement which will ensure the construction and operation of this European project of uttermost importance. The Praha-Vysočany – Lovosice/Litoměřice HSL section is part of the main Trans-European transport network which should be completed up to 2030.
ETCS System Also Being Tested for Higher Speeds Between Břeclav and Vranovice
One of the objectives of running tests under way between Břeclav and Vranovice is to test the European Train Control System (ETCS) also for speeds of 200 kph. This system started serving commercial railway operation in the section Břeclav – Kolín last year. Its installation is i.a. one of the necessary conditions for a gradual speed increase on the Czech railway above the current 160 kph.
Správa železnic Tests the Břeclav – Vranovice Line for Speed of 200 kph
Since last December, running tests of railway vehicles at a speed of 200 kph are going on in parts of the line between Břeclav and Vranovice. The tests’ objective is preparing selected line sections of the Czech rail network for a planned speed increase and verifying the behaviour of bearing constructions and other parts of railway constructions during a considerably higher dynamic load. Measuring of the line’s vicinity acoustic burden during passage of a vehicle at speeds higher than 160 kph of today is also being carried out.
Správa železnic Opened Reconstructed Passenger Building in Břeclav
Passengers started using a modern passenger building at the important border crossing Břeclav station. its complete reconstruction included adaptations of internal dispositional arrangement of public premises and adding a connecting corridor between the station dispatching hall and the bus terminal. Moreover, the building acquired a partially historical shape. A festive opening of the reconstructed passenger building was organized today by Správa železnic. Total costs amounted to CZK 69 million.
Správa železnic carries out Intense Reconstructions of Station Buildings throughout the Czech Republic
Last year, Správa železnic continued with reconstructions and repairs of passenger buildings throughout the Czech Republic. Works on sixty station buildings at minimum under way will bring higher comfort and travelling culture including modern handling premises and barrier-free access. The infrastructure manager thus fulfils the Government Programme declaration from June 2018, namely in the field of repairs and reconstructions of station buildings.
Reconstruction of Line Křižanov - Sklené nad Oslavou Launched
Správa železnic launches complete reconstruction of another part of the double-track arterial railway through Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Reconstruction of the line section Křižanov - Sklené nad Oslavou started in fact this week by handing over the building site. Works will last till April next year during which parameters both of the section between stations and the two stations mentioned above will improve considerably.
Správa železnic Will Accelerate Preparations on Further HSL Prague – Brno – Břeclav Sections
The Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport approved the next stage of the HSL Prague – Brno feasibility study submitted by Správa železnic. It considers the outputs from the study’s partial fulfilment as sufficient for a decision on further continuation of the high-speed line preparation and on basic leading of its corridor.