Press releases

First crossing will start to operate system for automatic punishment of offences
From 1 February, Správa železnic will start full operation of the automated system for recording and evaluating offences at the level crossing in Vendryně near Třinec. The technical solution was prepared within the framework of a pilot project in cooperation with the Directorate of Traffic Police Services and the Municipality of Třinec. Last year, it was successfully tested and its deployment was approved by the Police of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport in January. The automatic camera system will gradually start to supervise the discipline of drivers at other level crossings.
Správa železnic renovated dozens of station buildings last year
The condition of station buildings across the Czech Republic is gradually improving. Správa železnic has been in charge of them since 2016, and in the following five years, it has renovated 284 buildings. Last year, another 36 locations were added to them. The result of the work was usually new check-in areas, barrier-free access, lavatories and a range of services. Approximately CZK 2.3 billion was spent on the construction works. This year, the amount earmarked for these purposes will be 200 million more. Dozens more stations will be reconstructed.
Condition of the bridge under Vyšehrad will require further traffic restrictions
The railway bridge under Vyšehrad is at the limit of its operability. Therefore, Správa železnic will gradually proceed to necessary measures during the year according to the plan, which will affect the railway operation. The ban on running trains with multiple locomotives was the first to come into force in mid-January. Other measures being taken are aimed at keeping operation on the bridge to the maximum extent possible without jeopardising safety. At the same time, Správa železnic is taking steps to mitigate the prospective restriction on freight transport.
Last year Správa železnic modernised the most level crossings in history
Increasing safety at level crossings is one of the priorities of Správa železnic. Last year was a record year in this respect; thanks to sufficient financial resources, 233 level crossings were reconstructed. The original plan envisaged the modification of 150 level crossings. In addition to the modernisation and addition of crossing safety installation, the cancellation of level crossings has also ensured greater traffic safety. This occurred at more than 100 locations.
Winning design of the bridge at Výtoň best meets all parameters needed
Správa železnic is reacting to the debate that has broken out among the public after the announcement of the winning design of the bridge at Prague Výtoň. We answer the most common questions in the following points:
Modernisation of Prague's Masaryk Station receives building permit
Major modernisation of the Praha Masarykovo nádraží (Prague Masaryk station) has completed another important step in its preparation. Správa železnic has obtained a final building permit. In spring 2023, a tender for a contractor will be launched, and the construction work should begin within the year. It will be finished by 2026. The project includes, among other things, the extension of the current number of tracks from seven to nine, the reconstruction of all platforms and the construction of a new roof platform above the track facility, which will remove barriers in the area, allow access to individual platforms and offer a direct transfer to metro line B.
Správa železnic celebrates 20 years since its establishment this year
The Year 2023 will be an extraordinary year for Správa železnic. The pace will be set by the highest budget ever, which this year will be directed to the railways, among all transport sectors, thus enabling the launch of other key projects. The milestone, which puts the ecological way of travelling and transport at the forefront, moreover, comes at a time when Správa železnic is celebrating 20 years since its foundation. This year will be marked by the anniversary.
Správa železnic joins regional digital technical maps
Správa železnic started to create the Digital Technical Map of Railways and thus joined the implementation of the Digital Technical Map of the Czech Republic – DTM CR. Together with individual regions, the Road and Motorway Directorate (ŘSD) and under the leadership of the Czech Office of Surveying and Cadastre (ČÚZK), a unique work is being created that will become an integral part of the digitisation of construction procedures and spatial planning and will also help to introduce high-speed Internet to all corners of our country.
Modernisation of another line section to airport between Praha-Bubny and Výstaviště begins
Reconstruction of another section of the railway line from the centre of Prague to Kladno with a branch line to the airport can begin. Správa železnic has signed a contract with the winner of the tender for the construction contractor, which is the association of the companies Metrostav TBR, OHLA ŽS and Elektrizace železnic Praha. The tendered price amounts to CZK 3.8 billion excluding VAT. The main objective of the project is the modernisation of the existing station Praha-Bubny, double-tracking of the line in the length of approximately 1.3 kilometre, its electrification and the establishment of the stop Praha-Výstaviště.
First trains will start using modernised section between Brno and Blansko
With the effective date of the new timetable, trains are returning to the tracks between Brno and Blansko after a one-year break. The Prime Minister of the Czech Government, Petr Fiala, accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Martin Kupka, and the Director General of Správa železnic, Jiří Svoboda, inspected a part of the modernised section today. As part of the reconstruction of almost 20 kilometres of the line, which is part of the transit railway corridor I, not only intermediate station sections, stations and stops, but also a large number of tunnels and bridges were reconstructed. Modernised section along the Svitava River will first be served by passenger trains and fast trains, express trains will return to it in the middle of next year.